Deciding on the best madrasah for your child can be a daunting task, after all our children will only attend madrasah once in their life, so its important we make the best possible choice for them. Keeping this in mind we will always try our best to help you make the right choice by providing you the information you require and any advice you need along the way. Every child is special to us and therefore we believe they deserve the best deeni education and training from their very special young age. With the right support from parents and the effort and dedication of our teachers and madrasah staff we hope to prepare every child to become precious in the eyes of their Creator Allah and a valued member of society at large.
Introduction to our Madrasah

Madrasah Al Furqan is an evening Madrasah which runs classes for boys and girls aged 4 ½ to 15. At present we have 370 boys and girls enrolled in the Madrasah. Pupils attend daily, Monday to Friday from 4.55pm to 7:30pm. We run two Hifz classes comprising of approximately 12 students each. We have 18 Nazira classes for the boys and girls.

Our Aims

The aims of the Madrasah are:

  1. To instill the love of Allah, His Rasool (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and His deen in the  students’ hearts from a young age.
  2. Create an understanding and awareness of what is right and wrong in terms of being valuable members of society and servants to the creator Allah.
  3. Create the ability to recite the Qur’an with fluency and Tajweed and bring in them the interest to regularly recite the Glorious Qur’an.
  4. Give them the fundamental knowledge of deen they require to guide them through life.
  5. Give them the best tarbiyyah (training) possible to give them the best chance in life to please their creator through good actions.
Rewards and Incentives

Children like to be rewarded for their efforts and this helps them work harder and better.

For this reason we have a daily, monthly and yearly awards system to keep them motivated and working hard.

  • Daily they are given points out of 10 for every lesson based on their performance in learning and behavior
  • Monthly these points are tallied together and students are given gold, silver and bronze awards for their efforts.
  • The best student in each class receives a students of the month award with a small prize.
  • Annually students receive awards for exceptional performance in examinations, best points total for each year group and 100% attendance tophies.
What you can expect
  • High expectation of learning
  • Support from teachers
  • Additional learning support where required
  • Clear and regular communication.
  • A well organised and structured daily timetable and syllabus
  • Care and concern for every child’s progress in both ta’leem and tarbiyyah
  • Expectation to learn at home and come well prepared for madrasah daily.
  • Best attendance and punctuality.
  • Following all madrasah rules and regulations.
  • Following the madrasah dress code and uniform
Studying At Madrasah Al Furqan

Get an overview of what your child will be learning during his/her time with us and learn about what will be expected of you and your child.

Download  Preview

Madrasah Application Form

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Madrasah al Furqan, you will need to download and complete the following application form: 


Once completed the application must be dropped to the madrasah office along with a copy of either the child’s birth certificate or passport and admission fee of £25. 

Before signing the application form you must carefully read our madrasah guidelines and rules and regulations which can be downloaded here,

Please note: Admission is subject to availability of spaces and your child passing the admission test for their year group.

Admissions Process

Stage 1:  Once the application form is received you will receive a call from the madrasah office.

Stage 2: If the application is successful, a date of admission will be given and both parent and child will be called in for an induction.

Stage 3: First fee payment is received 

Fees and Payments

The current yearly fees (September 2022 – July 2023) are as follows:

Hifz Class   –   £600

Year 1 – 10    –   £370

Reception   –   £300

Payments can be made as one lump sum at the start of the academic year or in ten monthly installments.

The fees do not include, the cost of text books, stationery etc.

Note: Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change as and when deemed necessary.

Girls' Classes
Boys' Classes