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Welcome Note

Welcome to the teachers section of our website. On this page we plan to insha’allah upload information related to madrasah and/or provide downloadable documents for teachers to use. Going forward we also hope to have useful teaching resources available for teachers to access.

Please visit this section regularly and also forward any material or resources you feel will be beneficial to share with other staff.


Junayd Makda

Important Dates

Tue 21 Jul –  Annual Reports to be completed and emailed to office

Exams and Revision

Wed 7 Jul –  Start revision 

Mon 20 Jul –  Assessments Begin

Sun 24 May – Please complete 3 Day Recap Learning pack and email so it can be uploaded for parents to download

Tue 26 May – After Ramadhan we will insha’allah be back to teaching 

Fri 29 May – Please complete Week 9-10 lesson plan and email so it can be uploaded for parents to download2

Mark Sheets Assessments 2020 

Annual Reports 2019-20

Please find below a template for annual reports for this madrasah year. 

  • Please complete for 21 July and email to madrasah
  • Avoid copy and paste. Right a personal comment for each student. Note: Though a comment may be similar for two students, if you right for each individual you will find yourself writing the same thing in two different ways. This is because these words are best suited for this particular student. 
  • The template has 20 blank sheets. Please use your registers to fill in the names.
  • Kitab teacher to fill in the report for their class
  • Qur’an teacher to send Qur’an comments to Kitab teacher to include in their report.
  • Please clearly label the Qur’an comment with the Qur’an teachers name in the report.
  • Save the file with your class name e.g Annual Report year 5b 

Exam Revision

Dear teachers,

From Wednesday exam revision begins…

  • We need to make learning packs for this.
  • Revision plan must include weekend revision too.
  • Also sheet one is what they will revise with teachers and sheet two they can revise with parents like sunnats of eating duas etc..
  • Please stipulate recommended learning time for each column.
  • The syllabus covered sheet please finalise and send to parents so they know how much they need to revise.
  • Kids have got time so give them revision to do inshaallah.
  • Regarding exams I will inshaallah send something for teachers to use. We will trial it during revision period for a mock test to make sure they are all able to use it and we are familiar with how to use it too inshaallah.
  • Please also provide guidelines of how best they can revise inshaallah.

Revision Packs need to be uploaded on Tuesday so please complete by then Insha’Allah

End of Year Revsion packs

Please complete End of Year Revsion packs Week 15-16 and email to office before Tuesday 7 July

Registers – July

Exams and Syllabus covered this year

Dear teachers,

We will not have formal examinations this year but we will still make them revise and give them some form of ‘exam’ even if it is an assessment like we do in mid year.

  • Please complete the below template show what you have covered  this year.
  •  We have done 4 weeks of dor before Ramadhan already, so we will give them roughly 2 weeks dor time including the Weekends.
  • We will have 5-7 days for testing them. 
  • Please write your name and class clearly on the template 
  • Sheet to be completed by kitab teacher. Qur’an teacher to provide Qur’an pages.
  • Save the file with your name and class name e.g Syllabus completed Junayd Makda year 5b 

Learning Packs – Week 9 and 10

Please find below the learning packs template for weeks 9 and 10. The learning packs template is similar to those we used before Ramadhan except for a slight change to the kitabs lessons.

  • From Monday 1st June (Week 9) we will insha’allah start sabaq of kitabs
  • For fiqh lessons teachers will need to prepare notes for the students and send by whatsapp. Please find the template below for you to use (lesson plan template)
  • There is an example of a lesson plan for english. Please have a look at it to get an idea.   
  • For most part in all other subjects students should be able to learn and prepare however look through the kitabs and for any difficult lessons provide notes for them.
  • Please complete learning packs by Sunday 31st May so we can upload to our website for parents to download 

Learning packs

Lesson plan templates

Examples of home learning lesson plans from schools

Learning Packs – 3 Days after Ramadhan (Quick Recap)

Please find below the learning packs template for the ‘3 Day Recap after Ramadhan’. The learning packs template is similar to those we used before Ramadhan except for a slight change to the kitabs lessons

  • Tuesday 26th we will insha’allah be back to teaching. Both Teachers will phone students to get children back in routine.
  • Teachers to complete learning packs template ‘3 Day Recap after Ramadhan’ by Sun 24th May, so that its done before eid day we can upload to our website for parents to download

Learning packs

To be uploaded soon…

To be uploaded soon…

Ramadhan Resources